Who says I’ve got no class?

The incomparable Shirley, the office manager at Voicetrax, called this morning to review my course schedule for the upcoming term.

I managed to score most of the classes that I wanted to take. I’m on the wait list for one course that was rescheduled, but aside from that, I’ll stay pretty busy through early October.

Among the workshops in which I’ll be participating:

  • A pair of classes on character development. Since character work appears to be my unexpected strength, I might as well maximize my growth there.
  • A prototypes workshop. Fun stuff there — using successful VO professionals as models from whom to learn.
  • A class on exploring the vocal instrument. I can always benefit from more self-discovery.
  • Two classes on script analysis, because I need all the help I can get.
  • Another scuffle with my old nemesis, narration. I’ve been focusing my daily reads in this area, so this should be a much improved experience.
  • A weekend workshop on audition strategy. I’m really looking forward to that one. Can you ever really learn too much about how to book gigs?

Looks like a veritable cornucopia of skill- and knowledge-building opportunities. I can hardly wait for July to get started!

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One Comment on “Who says I’ve got no class?”

  1. Grey Seagull Says:

    Hi Michael,

    Thanks for the posts about your training at Voicetrax. I started taking classes in January and I can’t get enough! I’m up here in Sonoma County too, it’s nice to hear from someone local. I, too, got into my classes next term and can’t wait! I have just started working towards a demo, so your experiences are very helpful to me….thanks. This is turning out to be a terrific journey…

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