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Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain

April 20, 2009

We still have some polishing to do, but you’re getting an advance preview of the new branding materials being developed for me by the World’s Greatest Graphic Designer — or Mr. G. (as in Graphics), as I like to call him.

Technically speaking, this preview isn’t for your benefit. It’s here so that Mr. G. can size-test the header graphic, and adjust it accordingly. But since you’ve dropped in, what the hey — you might as well take a peek.

I’m not in love with the new blog template, but the one I was using previously doesn’t accommodate a custom header. Of the theme options that WordPress offers that do allow this feature, this was the least offensive to my sensibilities. I’m sure I’ll grow to adore it. Or decide to spend the money to do something different. At this moment — in the immortal words of Billy Vera — this is what we have.

On the other hand, I’m in abject monkey love with Mr. G.’s logo design. He would probably tell you that he merely took a concept I threw at him and ran with it. If he did, he’d be too modest.

More wicked cool branding stuff in the offing. You’ll see it here first.

Please try to control your astonishment.

Pardon our dust!

April 4, 2009

Don’t be surprised if you drop by here sometime in the next couple of weeks and see a strikingly different look.

A friend and colleague from my corporate days — who also happens to be a graphic designer par excellence — is putting the finishing touches on The Mic Guy’s new branding elements, including a stylish new logo.

Steve is the artist who created the branding elements for my copywriting and editing practice, SwanShadow Communications, when I went freelance in 2002. I’ve received so much positive feedback on the SwanShadow logo over the past seven years that I’d have been insane to go to a different artist to develop the branding for my new career direction.

The new graphics include a custom header for this site. Since the current WordPress template doesn’t support custom graphics, I’ve chosen a new template that I’ll implement when the banner is ready to launch.

Given that I’m a strong believer in the philosophy that you have to name it before you can claim it, I’m excited about this step in my professional evolution. The ongoing development of this site affirms that I’m moving in the right direction.

Also, based on something I overhead yesterday, traffic here may be on the upswing in the near future. I might as well spruce up the joint before company arrives.

Stay tuned.