New morning, new day

I had an infinitely better Friday this week than last.

Today’s VO workshop was busy, busy, busy. I had six — count ’em, six — opportunities in the booth today, and while I don’t know that any of the six displayed my finest work, all of them flowed more easily and less painfully than anything I did seven days ago.

I even got one “strongest read in the group” from Samantha, albeit on a piece of copy on which she described our collective work with adjectives including “horrible” and “atrocious.” So I’m sure exactly how much of a compliment that was.

More importantly, though, I regained much of my customary ease in front of the microphone. I still found myself fighting my copy a few times, but today these were minor skirmishes as opposed to the pitched battles of recent weeks. As I listened to my playbacks, I never felt like cringing. I wasn’t pounding myself on the back with self-admiration, but I wasn’t kicking myself in the groin either.

Progress is progress.

A few excerpts from today’s “notes to self”:

  • Remember that in commercial reads, even an angry character needs to be likable. I struggle to find the happy medium between a sufficiently strong emotional choice, and one that pushes the envelope too far.
  • Even when my “levels” were off, I liked the choices I made today. A couple of times, my choice didn’t work as well as it might have due to poor execution. But I’m still glad that I made the specific choice.
  • Relax, relax, relax. The words are less important than the performance. Let go, and let God.
  • As much as I enjoy hearing — and frequently, learning from — the work of my peers, I’m glad that I do what I do. I’m learning to love my instrument, which is a major step forward for me.

At this juncture, I’ll take all of the steps forward that I can get.

I took positive note of how much easier it is to work when I’m well-rested physically. Last weekend came at the end of a stressful and exhausting stretch of days. Today, I stepped into the booth armed with a solid night of sleep. A world of difference.

I can’t yet say that my mojo is back, but I can hear its footsteps. And for a change, they’re getting louder.

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