Thinking ahead

Tomorrow, I’m participating in Pat Fraley‘s Audition Technique Masters workshop in San Francisco. Given that I’ve never worked with Pat, or either of the other directors, I suppose this is something of an audition in itself.

As I recall, I was always a dreadful first date.

This workshop begins an intensive four months of VO training. From now until the end of June, I have exactly one week when I don’t have at least one class, and some weeks I have two or three. It’s a bit like immersion therapy, but it’s time. By the end of these four months, I’ll know with certainty that I’m either ready to make a serious splash in this business, or better off bowling.

I might be in over my head in tomorrow’s workshop.

Or, this might be right where I need to be at this point.

Whichever is true…

Here I come.

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