Here’s a weird thing I noticed the other day.

I was recording a new qualification track for my chorus; we have to submit updated individual recordings periodically to demonstrate continue development in our vocal skills, as well as mastery of new competition material.

Usually, I’m uneasy with this process. I’m plagued by nervous tension, causing my vocal apparatus to constrict, resulting in a singing performance that isn’t truly representative of my abilities. This time — thanks, in significant measure, to my increased focus on VO and beaucoup practice time in front of the mic — I had a much better time of it. In fact, I submitted my second take, which I’ve never done before.

But why should it matter? Why am I fearless in front of the mic when I’m speaking, and a quivering mass of exploding synapses when I’m singing?

It’s the same microphone.

It’s the same voice.

Isn’t it?

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