Planning for success

This morning, I presented a lesson on the subject of planning. It’s a good subject for the approaching dawn of a new year, when people are getting themselves into the forward-thinking mode.

Like many of my better lessons, it’s one I preached to myself first.

I’ll be the first to acknowledge that my planning and organizational skills suck swamp water. It’s not that I lack the ability to think strategically and work in an organized manner — it’s more that I lack the motivation. To be brutally honest, I just get lazy.

But, as I drove the point home this morning, success requires a plan — conceived, detailed, and executed. No productive journey begins without the traveler knowing not only where the destination is, but also the roads to take and the resources that will be needed along the way. If I’m going to reap the results I so boldly affirm that I desire from my voiceover career, then I’d better figure out where exactly I want to go, and map out the steps that will take me there.

Acting coach Bob Fraser, whose Actor’s Tool-Kit e-newsletter I read religiously, sent a packet of amazingly helpful planning materials to his subscribers last week. In the days since, I’ve been using Bob’s Action! A Workbook for Professional Actors as the template for my 2009 strategizing.

I still have to follow through, of course. But for me, just having a clear direction and a sequential process for reaching the goal is quantum leaps further than I usually go.

If you’re not already reading Bob Fraser’s free newsletter, I recommend that you pop over to his site right now and sign up. His insights into what it takes to be a successful actor are worthy of your time and consideration.

As Joe Jackson once sang, “You can’t get what you want until you know what you want.” I almost always know what I want. I don’t often know how I’m going to achieve it.

This coming year will be different.

I’m planning on it.

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