Act like you’re in Jeopardy!

Tonight on Jeopardy!, one of the contestants was a voice actress named Sam Johnston. She demonstrated her prodigious telephony skills during the interview segment: “To speak to a representative, please press 1.”

I’m trying to think… would I exchange Sam’s VO career for my Jeopardy! career?

Probably not just yet.

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2 Comments on “Act like you’re in Jeopardy!

  1. Terry Says:

    Actually, she does the ‘robo chick’ thing very well; I was impressed & would like to hear what elese she does…too bad she didn’t win.

  2. themicguy Says:

    Terry: She’s definitely very good at what she does. Hence, the adjective “prodigious.”

    Telephony VO is hard work; in my last job in the corporate sector, I was one of two staff members who recorded the company’s phone messages. I’d be a lot better at it now.

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