…I will like the sound of my voice.

It’s strange, really. I first sang a solo on stage when I was ten. I’ve acted since I was in sixth grade. I’ve sung in choruses for a dozen years and in a quartet for three, in front of audiences as large as 10,000. I’ve been speaking in front of audiences several times a week for the past 22 years. I have been a vocal communicator and performer all of my life.

After all of that, my voice still sounds peculiar to me.

And not in a good way.

That’s not to say I can’t listen to and assess my vocal performance. Since I began studying voiceover seriously, I’ve been doing that almost every day. I appreciate the good things about my playbacks to the same degree that I am critical of the things that are lacking in my performances. I’m capable of recognizing a good take — even a great one — just as I can pick apart a take that is substandard.

I’m even getting to the point that Samantha calls “knowing when good enough is good enough.” Not always, but often.

But I still don’t like the sound of my voice.

Even when I love the things I do with it. And that’s increasingly often.

Someday, though…

I will.

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